Types of Vagus Nerve Disorders

accessory-nerve-diagramVagus neve run in whole body and it is accountable for the regulation and function of multiple bodily systems like digestive tracts and heart. If Vagus nerve affected then heart and digestive system of the body stop working properly. It is one biggest never system in the human body and working of the body severely affected. These nerves spread throughout the body and entire body is dependent of these nerves. Under some specific this nerve is connected with medical conditions like low blood pressure and in some other cases doctors will use these nerves to treat disorder like epilepsy.

Vagus nerve is in fact two cranial nerves which expanded from the brain stem and linked with viscera. It is the 10th cranial nerve in the entire nerve system and it is called as cranial nerve X. main function of these nerves is to send signals to entire parts of the body and at the same time send back the signal to brain. These nerves are responsible to maintain multiple body function including muscles movement curial to keep you breathing and heartbeat.

Vagus Nerve Disorders are actually two types one is Overactive vagus nerves and second is underactive vagus nerve. People face this problem when nerves are not working properly. You can stimulate your vagus nerve iwth an electrical Vagus Nerve Stimulator.